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Biogenix HMB 1000 Monster Caps 120 capsules

1000 mg - mega dose in one capsule! It stops catabolism and intensifies anabolism. Supports creatine synthesis.
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  • Mega dose in one capsule - 1000 mg !
  • Stopping catabolism and stimulating anabolism.
  • Supports creatine synthesis.

Heavy physical exercise leads to catabolism, ie the breakdown of muscle proteins. The body that tries to face this situation stops catabolism and intensifies anabolism, ie the conversion of proteins. The body tries to restore proteins together with their reserve, so if they break down again, the negative effects of this process would be smaller. Therefore, proteins increase with regular repetitive exercise, so training stimulates muscle growth.

Stopping catabolism and stimulating anabolism occurs through compounds formed during protein disintegration. ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate, ie HMB, is one of the products of protein disintegration, which are of key importance for the development of muscle mass.

HMB stops the activity of catabolic enzymes in muscle cells through a very efficient metabolic process, ie methylation. At the same time, it is transformed into a group of compounds with high biological activity called steroids. Steroids seal cellular barriers that protect access to protein muscles by catabolic enzymes. At the same time, they affect the genetic mechanism of muscle cells stimulating anabolism, ie stimulating the production of new proteins.
With the support of the above-mentioned methylation process, HMB also supports the synthesis of creatine - a substance necessary for protein production.

Protein disintegration products, including HMB, are processed by the body for useful energy. In this way, they push glucose - the body's basic energy compounds - from metabolic transformations. However, glucose transformations create not only useful energy, ie. that they are ready for immediate use, but they also create storage energy - reserve fat. Glucose is converted to a compound called glyceryl-3-phosphate, which forms reserve fat particles stored under the skin to store energy. The synthesis of fats or their accumulation cannot take place without the participation of glucose transformation products. By pushing glucose out of the metabolic process, HMB stops fat production and reduces its resources.

HMB activity is very valuable for mass growth and body shaping; Unfortunately, it increases only together with enhanced protein catabolism in proportion to the degree of their mass loss. This is logical because HMB is a product of the breakdown of proteins. However, nature can be deceived ... Thanks to the success of medical chemistry, you no longer have to wait for our body to produce enough HMB on its own as a result of protein disintegration. We can supplement the diet with a supplement prepared with HMB prepared in the HMB 1000 Monster Caps capsule and in this way suppress catabolism, stimulate anabolism and stop fat formation, ie develop "dry" muscle mass, reduce fat tissue and plasticize the body.

HMB 1000 Monster Caps ® means HMB of the highest quality and purity. HMB 1000 MONSTER CAPS® is designed for professional athletes who strive for rapid growth of strength and quality muscle mass.

Recommended use:

  • 1 dose (2 capsules) twice a day - before and after training and on a day off immediately after waking up and at bedtime.


  • β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate, microcrystalline cellulose - filler, magnesium stearate - capsule, gelatin capsule.


  • Dietary supplement - a dietetic product specially designed for special nutrition of athletes.
  • For adults, physically active and professional athletes who, through training and healthy nutrition, seek to improve physical capacity, post-workout recovery and strength and muscle mass development. 
  • It cannot be considered a substitute or a replacement for a varied diet.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Best before date on the bottom or side of the pack (at least 3 months during shelf life)
  • The product should not be administered to nursing mothers or pregnant women.
  • Keep out of the reach of small children.
  • Store in a dry place, at room temperature below 25 ° C, away from light.
CONTAINER120 capsules
SERVING SIZE2 capsules
Calcium ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate (CaHMB)2000
- of which ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate (HMB)1600
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