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Real Pharm Pancake 1000 g

A mixture for making pancakes. High content of WPC protein. Almost 29 g of protein in one serving! A source of beneficial fiber. Easy and fast preparation.
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Manufacturer:Real Pharm
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  • 100% origin from WPC whey concentrate and WPI whey isolate!
  • Protein mixture enriched with pieces of fruit!
  • Excellent aminogram with the addition of extra essential amino acids.

Will the morning rush not allow you to prepare a healthy breakfast? Are you looking for a sweet snack? Do you dream of traditional American pancakes that always turn out perfectly? Do you want to enjoy the taste and nutritional value of the food you prepare? With Real Pharm you can prepare amazing pancakes in just 5 minutes! Fast food can become a valuable part of your diet!

Real Pharm Pancake is the basis for the preparation of American pancakes. A product designed for anyone who wants to enrich their daily diet with additional protein in the form of whey protein concentrate (WPC).

Real Pharm Pancake, created with active people in mind, especially athletes and strength training enthusiasts, is a mixture of quality ingredients for the preparation of traditional pancakes that will strike a cohort with anyone! With Real Pharm Pancake you get another big dose of valuable proteins! One of the ingredients in this mixture is whey protein concentrate (WPC), which makes this food more nutritionally valuable and allows you to fill the lack of protein in your daily diet. Protein is an essential component of the diet of anyone who strives for fitness and a perfect figure - with Real Pharms protein pancakes you can enjoy a valuable dose of protein at any time of the day! Try these pancakes fried in our coconut oil and add our coconut butter! The result exceeds your expectations!

Real Pharm Pancake contains up to 58% protein in one serving, which together with carbohydrates creates an ideal breakfast mix and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By adding oatmeal, it gives these pancakes their unique taste. The great advantage of these pancakes is that they do not have to be prepared immediately after their preparation - they do not lose any of their fluffy taste when cold. In addition, the simplicity of this dish means that you have the freedom to choose any other ingredients that you like - such as syrups, walnut butter, fruit, etc.

Recommended use:

  • Put 80 g of powder in a bowl, add 75 ml of water or milk, mix until you reach the pancake batter. Fry the pancakes on both sides in a hot, oiled pan.


  • Natural instant oatmeal, whey protein concentrate (from milk) WPC 80, powdered skimmed milk, oat flour, chicken protein in powder, egg yolk in powder, baking soda, baking powder, salt, thickener - xanthan gum, aroma, sweetener - sucralose.


  • Dietary supplement - a dietetic product specially designed for special nutrition of athletes.
  • For adults, physically active and professional athletes who, through training and healthy nutrition, seek to improve physical capacity, post-workout recovery and strength and muscle mass development. 
  • It cannot be considered a substitute or a replacement for a varied diet.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Best before date on the bottom or side of the pack (at least 3 months during shelf life)
  • The product should not be administered to nursing mothers or pregnant women.
  • Keep out of the reach of small children.
  • Store in a dry place, at room temperature below 25 ° C, away from light.
Energy1284,89 kJ / 305,69 kcal
Fat6,15 g
- of which saturated2,18 g
Carbohydrate32,93 g
- of which sugars9,32 g
Protein28,88 g
Fiber2,27 g
Salt0,42 g
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